Problems experienced with a Land Rover Discovery Sport 2018 registration - Petrol Model

Current Problems

1) Car stops in middle of road when being driven

It did it 3 times last year and once this year, in July. the July one was the worst as I was doing about 30mph. It stopped without warning and I was in busy traffic. The last time the car was with Birmingham North (Inchcape / Jardine Motors) they advised me not to move it but to call Roadside Assist so they could see whether there was a code in the system. Try doing that when you are stopped in a dangerous spot! I pressed the stop/start button and the car was good to drive. Problem is that when this happens you lose power steering and brakes. This has happened 4 times in 22,000 miles. 4 times too many, and enough for me to know it will happen again.

This is the most important fault for correction and the most difficult to record.

2) Proximity alarms go off when no where near anything. Parking aids disable themselves but blame the driver

Recorded 9 sep 2020 - how it should work

Recorded 9 sep 2020 - STRANGE SCREEN, but then clears itself

Recorded 9 sep 2020 - STRANGE SCREEN again

Recorded 9 sep 2020 - Front one too

Recorded 9 sep 2020 - Back and Forth

3) Tailgate problems

Sensor disabled and tailgate showing problem halfway through a drive

Tailgate misbehaving

Tailgate misbehaving 3

Tailgate misbehaving 4

4) Car not always locking

Tailgate misbehaving

5) Engine fan bust again

Engine Fan again

6) Miles left in tank not showing. This happened for about 6 weeks and then miraculously it reappeared again.

tailgate misbehaving

7)Filling tank part way doesn't change the display!

Tank Empty before fill

Tank after fill - doesn't show it

Tank Empty after fill and its been driven for a little, stopped and restarted

8) Dash symbols

Uninvited Symbols

9) Battery low light

Unfortunately I can't find a photograph of this, but this appeared on and off for about 3 weeks at the beginning of lockdown. Whether the battery was low or not, I do not know. What I do know is that it shouldn't have been because the car was being driven a reasonable distance daily. It disappeared and has not reappeared despite the car being driven less for the next few weeks.

10) The dashboard controls sometimes freeze

I had a video showing this on my wife's phone but unfortunately it has been deleted. It can only be captured when 2 people are in the car,. It has happened a lot of times. The radio becomes unresponsive. the phone becomes unresponsive. The touchscreen becomes unresponsive. Sometimes it clears itself after a few minutes - on other times I have to stop the car and restart it to clear the fault. Its very annoying when I am on the motorway and need to use the phone.

11) All items further below which have not been addressed


I wanted to test drive a Discovery Sport and arranged to do so at Lancaster Birmingham North.
Regerttably when my wife and I arrived at the garage at the prearranged time there was no car
for us to test. The salesman we spoke too was arrogant and rude, and was certainly not going to offer an apology.
So we bought this car using Land Rover arranged finance from Inchcape in Derby instead of from Birmingham North.

The first problem we experienced was with the HUD system and the forward sensors. They stopped identifying the speed limits, and
the vehicle lost its capacity to follow the car infront with a set distance. Additionally the vehicle would not warn the driver when close to the car infront
or break in an emergency (not that I tested this often!).

I didn't want to go all the way to Derby, and figured that the service department at Birmingham North was different to the Sales. So
I booked it into Birmingham North. Small rant here - you have to book in for a triage first so they can diagnose, then book again when they have the parts and can fix. It takes time and is
super inconvenient.

They fixed that problem but failed to fix a number of others, which I had highlighted at the same time. Apparnetly if the car computer doesn't have a fault code in it then their hands are tied.

Then we went away on holiday to France, and started to notice a few more issues. The biggest one of which is listed below. the car just conked out in the middle of Cannes with a lot of traffic behind. It
was moving at the time - and just stopped. When I pressed the stop engine button, and then pressed it again it sprang back into life and carried on. So the car went into its first service when we returned with the following list:

1) On a few occasions the car electronic system beeped a few times and the engine stopped.
This was whilst the car was moving – mostly at about 10 mph in traffic. No warning lights.
This is very disconcerting and quite possibly dangerous. Should this occur at higher speeds there
may well have been a loss of power assisted steering and brakes.

2) During phonecalls all connectivity is occasionally lost. The controls on the dashboard become frozen – can’t change to satnav or radio or anything. Only method of fixing is to find somewhere to park, turn the engine off and restart. Particularly inconvenient when on a motorway. This has happened on 6 to 9 occasions.

3) Headlights flash randomly onto high beam and back to dipped. This is when the system is on automatic at night, despite being behind another car. This forces the driver to turn automatic off. This does not happen all the time, but when it does it is irritating as one cannot use the system to do what it is designed to do.. Possibly connected with rain.

4) In cold weather with a cold engine the fan belt screams when coming to a halt at the end of our road. This has been reported before, nothing was found but it still happens.

5) Proximity warnings going far too often, when nowhere near anything at all. This is despite the car having been washed. This is a very common problem.

6) Proximity alarms do not always work when reversing. Its hit and miss as to whether they will work or not.

7) Occasionally the indicator arm clicks in its socket as if it is about to break, when indicating to turn left.

8) Since the last time the car was with the garage the alarm which goes when you do not have a seatbeat on sounds as though it is coming from a speaker which is not properly attached to its mountings – there is an irritating vibration sound.

9) A question rather than a fault: Is the car really supposed to make so much noise (externally) when idling and relatively cold. It’s as if it’s a refrigerated lorry.

The engine sound turned out to be the fan running constantly. My family could tell when I was coming home as soon as I turned the corner into our road. This problem they fixed. the others they did not because there were no codes! Worse still they had booked the car into the garage for 5 days to investoigate. They give you an ap for your phone, and my app showed that the car had been locked in the car park for 4 days, and then driven 1.5 miles before they called me to say there was nothing else wrong.

No 7 now seems to have cleared by itself.

I either don't notice no 8, or it has stopped now.

No 4 will be tested again later this year!

Since lockdown we have not done that much driving, but I am sure no 3 will return.

All other issues AND MORE continue. I remonstrated with them and after much grief and time decided to contact the JLR Experience Centre. I have been allocated a helper named Mitun who has been in regular contact throughout with me in my journey to try and fix the car - and we have ben at it for 7 months now!

To cut a long story short, Mitun arranged for the car to go back in to Birmingham North. But coronavirus came and so it didn't go in. After lockdown was eased I was told to wait until end of August if i required a courtesy vehicle, which I do. Then when the end of August came i called to confirm and foujd there was no courtesy vehicle. So more complaints and its now going in tomorrow, Sep 10th, and I will be given a courtesy vehicle for a couple of days.